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Thumb Usain Bolt and I

August 11, 2012

It it it was measured was was, one counted, one informed. The body of superstar of sprintu, Jamaican the USAIN the BOLT is worth after games in London 250 million euro. It in game comes in first of all can sell on his modest garment advertising surface what as well as rate for part in different promotive tipcat etc.
I counted exactly – tenże athlete weighs 94 kg it goes out so, that kilogramme Bolta this is 2 650 000 euro circa and 10 deka (that is np. thumb) “Iro” stands 265 thousand… It good – and how does be to this usual mortal? On example Call. I do not pass weight, because it is horibly mean… and anyway how sincerity then sincerity – 66 kilosów near growth 182 cm. And this so I from secondary-school final exam have. Horibly nice thing how suit on you comes in with year 1974. What this oszcędność, and fashion comes back still.
70 percentage me, as and every different, state water. Though in men’s case writing as well as politicians it will be this water more surely. For a lot of so it to this pricing does not become. Skin – just what, time when men Adolfa H. did with her cigarette cases as well as I have lamp-shades hope irrevocably he passed. Bone? I would have this to consult with my dog. I do not possess the zloties of teeth …. And brain, my brain, treasure house of every wealth?
It it it brains in years of PolishPeople’s Republic was served was was was in pubs yet, I remember, such yellowish was, healthy, so cheap. But demand disappeared now already. Let’s let’s sum up – it goes out me ( optimistic variant), that worth I am 10 euro – dog waved with tail kindly. Well me so, I at secondary school on hundred metres had 14,86 second. It one should more to exercise.
Big Evening, ZEWPRESS


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