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Personal contact

August 17, 2012


Old friendship never rusts. Even in face of necessity. In sand-pit I hit him little pail and he traveled me rakes after cheek. We have to today traces. The same primary school was then, the secondary school and the piece of studies. They threw out him for some frauds, he did not make master, but cash desk so.
We drank the more of vodka, we had the same girls, I reached after him some car even once, because him oneself colour bored. He underlined always, that only friendship oneself it in life calculates and that I can on him calculate always.
You – Know, I wanted oneself with you on moment to meet – I kept ringing him on cell at last. He was important and rich and I usual poor fellow, but yet only our gentlemen’s friendship is important …
There – is no matter old, Greenland whale how in smoke – be at me in office point 9.00. Cell this shit, personal contact matters, we friends …
I was for five 9. Secretary from breasts how Pamela Anderson looked from mountain on my remembering secondary-school final exam suit.
– Slide Is in schedule – she looked on me how on olive-tree in cocktail – Lords wait also – she showed in side of guys’ delegation with shapely beard in turbans here – But president said in order to mister waited.
I seized him about 12.00; I on corridor burnt 20 cigarettes, and I threw long ago this addiction yet … he Went out!
– Where do friend? I stopped him in threshold. Dressed already from cell near ear… Second rang him then and Pamela Andersen put under him to signature some paper.
– Good we, will talk in lift, minister waits – he looked on me little consciously. Next billion could him run away from under nose.
There in lift was not range. We had minute.
You – Know old friend, I have crayfish, doctor gives me the highest month of life. This sure.
– So month, month … he Started suddenly feeling after pockets, because he forgot something.
– Listen, my funeral will be!!!
– Good, send e-mail when and where. I will be surely.
He blew up me from lift and he came back after third cell. This on which Prime Minister could ring. Old dear friend. It will be on my funeral surely. As him only something will not fall out…


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