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My familiar from WC

August 20, 2012


Not, not, not! George in game does not come in Michael, loving differently, only you about which I read in own Water book Closet. It this only calm place it where was can was deepen one’s intellect. The literature of beauty from tzw. the plot recently  me weak so I took for biography.
In ostatnim year I numbered so (alphabetically):
1.    Albert Einstein
2.    Ernest Hemingway
3.    Marylin Monroe.
It it was wished was, that they do not live, especially this last woman as she had interesting custom to give in (even plumber) instead of to tell I thank. The most time – half year! – the creator of theory of relativity occupied me. Nothing odd, “brick” about him had 400 sides! Guy was original – he in those times did already for celebrite, carried every sock different and he liked sailing in free moment.
Hemingway inherited to suicide susceptibility in DNA – his father finished for help of double-barrelled gun also… Then Ernesta’s daughter… it remembered me how in this black district of Chicago, where the “Hemingway` is the s the born the squares” he tried there to reach with infantry. Which replaced me road unfortunately kolo with tracks beat me  from bottle in paper bag, and or it was wanted with me to have a drink, or in order to would add him on next.
I do not know exactly, because he mumbled somewhat. Then strong group afro – began jumping after roofs out teenagers so I gave dyla simply and I did not reach to  Oak Park.
My familiar and familiar from WC; just  every has one’s, but not every oneself it to this grants.

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