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Nothing has already

August 27, 2012


24 till 26 August on lock Olsztyn near Częstochowy (Poland) Review of Abstainers’ Works took place. Here two works which introduced there:

You are my esperal

You are on smaller evil my esperal, hope

We eating body Bachusa then

And your veil brought You to despair

Then tired Moon howl

He hid in silver cloud

We went to sleep in for high grass in the nude

Combed nettle of hangover

To to arise at last

Do not tell already me this drunken tale

My Szeherezad

Nothing has already

December of last year. Makes yellow in carp the pore of holiday orders of, assembling from plastic the Christmas tree, look for and different actions which inflict, that the marriages break up, the nerves do not keep on knots tied even and the kitchen knives hunger the blood.

This was top her taking drugs washed down with wódą, and sometimes wine Egri Bikaver. Do you know which is this stilnox, lorafen, nitrozepan taken whole packagings? As you do not know this better, in order to you would not know. These are round little eyes, mumbling speech, you do all three razy more slowly, and as this lacks you “fuel” are nothing broken hornets’ nest.

Eve be screwed up and Sylwester … I Was how the private detective .I search everywhere – for couch, in pocket of dress gown, in cabinets. The empty glasses of, bottle, of packaging after tabletach were. She lay in alive eyes, then not she, then all old, someone her threw up. She was how I hid in skirt Goebels. Last two tablet nitrozepanu before her to drawer wooden coffee mill. I shouted then her during quarrel sure night, but it dawned me then. I threw out tablet and I instead of this put taglet with inscription: .

Obviously singer Cuba Sienkiewicz, about horror doctor also. It did not walk about two stupid copies of psychotrops, but about love and different beautiful remembrances. I was interesting czy it will read. I was interesting czy her it will move. As he did not become me only suicide, or escape. We had this hell already enough.

I found out

P. S. Two of days this, that she found taglet ( she looks for, though oneself she entreated, that this the end) and it moved her. She wrote about this in elaboration on therapy in psychiatric hospital. She got only pluses. They give pluses and I had for backs wall then. And it can we had. Nothing has already, and it is can?



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