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we have this what we have

August 29, 2012


we have this what we have
and so
we have:
– the    Prime Minister who does not rule in own house even
–    president which is very nice little bear, but this is his the largest advantage, that it does not hinder anybody
– tripletss did not be to bear the boss of the opposition which regrets what
–    judges and procurators taking for shutting on swindlers eye bad money, and shackling in fetters grandmothers crossing on red
– earning    cleaning ladies more from qualified as assistant professor assistant professors
we have also:
–    fucking, and as not this mobing
– being suitable after slit to general repair band    highways
–    diggers white – red so weak in football, that Pre – school children from Copacabana them would add
–    wife what they do not give, because their ulub flies – sitcom
–    husbands what they do not take, because they do on two vacancies
we have at last:
– divine Częstochowa mother (black Madonna) as well as mother small Madzia from sosnowiec .
what then you are surprised, that beyond this what we have nothing practically we have not.


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