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Aunt’s kitchen Lodzia

August 31, 2012


AUNT Leokadia





Aunt’s kitchen Lodzia – war and gastronomy

I wanted to call figure of my Mum’s sister, aunt the Lodzia. She died in time II war having years 19, but it deserves on memory…

“Dear mum, I will cook all these dishes to You after war”, she wrote to her mother so and my grandmother Josephine with works in Germanys (Moguncja – Mainz).

(Leokadia Wawszczyk, 1943 year)

From blackly – pretty, flaccid blonde about curly hair looking on me white picture. The aunt Lodzia, sister of my Natalie’s mother. Dead only just in age summers 19 in time II war. She assembled culinary recipes, in different made. And in family in Zawiercie (Poland), and in time of stay on works in Germanys.

And here and she starved there. The even good, usual potato was the rarity … These recipes were for her the way on survival the equivalent of hope on culmination in Lotto, oblivion this, cruel what and bad. Recipes survived – written out calligraphic character aunt not. The lilies of the valley on her usual earth grave of every spring bloom; even after over 60 years keen by one of lost friends cresset happens yet. Enamoured in her once – now already very older mister – even iron cross placed. Leokadia Wawszczyk (1924 r. – 1943 r.) she was sensitive intelligent plant, which cut the cruel scythe of war storm.

I want to save these few traces which after her became.

From aunt’s letters Lodzi

– Mummy Can it will write after loam potatoes you receive every week, or monthly and loam cost? Let me mummy write how you boil diners now, or mummy takes a cure? How does there at school Talusi go, or healthy? Because I doubt or readiness after such life is to what, so oneself man to all forces. What dad wrote letter or card, because to me not. I do not know what it stood.

(Moguncja, year 1941)

– So and now ill Talusia (my mother – ZEW), what she will suffer already and such small. I dreamt this many a time to me long ago yet, that how it will go to Holy Communion this I so beautifully I will dress. Little garland will have from white roses, and meanwhile it stood differently, because fate plays tricks us different pranks and it was not me when she to this Communion went. War does not permit on this about what it dreams. I pray hot every day to God about Your health baby and mummy. Be not ill you Talusiu, because you yet more will grow wan and you will grieve mummy. Already me oneself to sleep very it wants, I do not know what me fog eyes they set, ill surely yet. I send the power of kisses.

(Moguncja – Mainz, year 1941)

We – after noon do trip little ship after Rhine Today. Boys are from Vilna here, very with them merrily. Horrible funny boys. I to this dress bought pretty white frill from blue hem and belt in green peas – navy blue until for 50 fenigs! And further I dressed up and they devoured me eyes, running about for me and I die from laughter. I got to know with pretty boy about blue eyes again. There are Dolls on name. It is mannered very good and intelligent. For this his colleague tells me about different guts continually, it plays on guitar, its fine.

It was lived now until it wants me!

(Moguncja, 1942 year)

Aunt’s recipes Lodzi

Service of table to Eve

Round table, covering white table-cloth, on centre tiny, gentle little chains decorated Christmas tree, from keen electric candles. Green ribbons from Christmas tree twig, which end near bank of table-cloth; to be their 6 to 8. Between plates of pine’s twig maybe, and on them laid gilt cones or beautiful apples.

Folded napkin how envelope, green twig with her stands. The elegant service, and on tray before hostess of house the Christmas – eves wafers.

Christmas – eve beetroot soup

To set a lot of soup-greens, 2 baked onions, 5 mushrooms’ dkg dried and several beetroot beetroots. When to flood cooked up taste him beetroot soup, to throw in shredded beetroots finely, to train from large spoon of flour with ruddy browned flour and butter from butter, to boil, to put some salt and to add to taste sugar. To vase to put boiled afloat little ears from mushrooms separately.

Ginger – breads on sapling

1 kg of wheaten flour, 1/4 litre of honey, 25 dkg of sugar, 3 dkg of potash of, 2 egg, 25 the dkg the butter, after teaspoon of cinnamon, the carnations and the anise.

To knead from above mentioned components cake, to develop and to carry out on cold exactly (on steam days) – but in order to it did not freeze. To bring to warm kitchen on whole day then, to pin him on thickness of finger; to cut out with him round cakes on 2 then – 3 cm and stove in enough warm stove. Upiec to dip whole in icing taking it on fork and to dry on white paper.

Baked hare

1/4 kg of cow elephant, 1 spoon of butter, 1/2 the glass of cream, bit of flour and the salt. It is pickled in this way cleaned, covered from membranes, hare: to take 2 glass of vinegar, 1 glass of water, pepper, onion, cut in slices, garlic’s little tooth, steam juniper’s grains, steam carnations, bay leaves leaflets and it will boil together and after cooling to flood hare.

It is pickled hare 2 days. After it extraction from marinade it wipes the meat to dry the and cares, pouring the butter and on end the cream with bit of flour. It when ready saddle was chopped was on pieces and it arranges on lettuce’s leaflets and it waters with sauce.

Adoption: On dish to arrange cut hare in the whole, to dress after one side with beetroot purees and cut on alternatively potatoes; after second side Italian pasta. In gravy boat to pass sauce separately ….

Ps. Maybe thigh me oneself to give in the whole book about aunt once. I am this owing to Her and Mum.



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