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Stressed out on dead

September 4, 2012

Hands shiver you, sight escapes in side mind be blocked, one should more tell  to you all, the paralysis of will steps out . I am not clever (clever) to undertaking of any independent decision. You wait until your mister and ruler will say you again: “Zew, such shit you write, that it does not read anybody this”. Or “Firm funeral B. on you waits already. I will settle you reduction and American coffin”.
Well I had in city Ch. such boss., fat and bawdy. He came to understanding and he came to understanding until he instead of third under line of contract let go me on unemployment at last. He brought his aged driver to stroke. He told him to carry on building of own villa the stones in mountains…
I described the typical symptoms of deep depression. Being with result depression acquired in work stress. The institution of national insurance schemes claims, that he is third cause of sickness absence in Poland. Stress visits with reason of incidents, effectiveness upsets and concentration. “Because in moment again me to give hell”, “because they will slow down me, I from what will bear children” – such black thoughts beat in roof skulls many with us. Stressed out in work they more often are ill on heart, bones suffer  on  illness of arrangement – muscular intestines, their stomach hurts, pack up, insomnia steps out also as well as depression.
“Chronic stress leads to burning professional also” – doctor claims Elisabeth Turska with Silesian University. Article on this subject put Weekly “Solidarity” recently – title “Stressed out Polish workers” (extradition from 28 August.).  It with investigations results, that Polish workers belong to the most stressed out on world. Already soon 7 500 the workers’ men in firms subjected tzw. of restructuring will give the an examination NSZZ the “Solidarity” and the Institute of Medicine of Work.
It consists somehow so oddly, that they near these investigations refused employer’s co-operation… Not only work is the source of stress, debts can them be also – evil financial situation, mobbing in family. Market economy, to does not mislead with the wolf’s rights of capitalism, caused, that many of us receives in 4 letter pretty well. Just they did not wish in year 1980 the cóż, striker me for their children from razu after diploma of allowance for unemployeds doubtless as well as the liquidation of institution in which they protested on styropian.
Workers from shipyard and they wanted foundries AD 1980 living simply normally and one was all them about what colour of power in Poland they fought. Only interesting what does them contemporary leader Lech Walesa under  monument August 1980 from wreath he reached 2012 only AD? And where did 10 million which for him marched once and they shout?!
They were stressed out in house…

(My graphic)


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