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Street of red lamps

September 7, 2012

Street of red lamps

Dream came this night. Clutter up in film I had “Teutonic Knights” KRZYŻACY – new version curly by Andrew Wajda. Insignificant part – guy who in public execution on Cracovian Market cut head. Before execution however I had to eat garlic which will guard me before hit to hell.
The garlic’s white head rolls after pavement of Market… How is this with this Party practically and cinematography? Let’s let’s give already me as extra my part in American film the “Triumph of spirit” (vide registration “I Was in Auschwitz prisoner” – It walks about more concrete and creative contribution. Such is one practically.
Three spended months year 1999 in restaurant “Under Press”  POD PRASĄ (Katowice City) with director Lech Majewski (more well-known in Hollywood than in Poland) over script of film about StMary’s street (MARIACKA STREET). Then well-known by many summers as place street, where girls gave after gates for bad wine. From recent the however city they put me for aim change of her character and the making from StMary’s temple of culture and the art.
History invented by Lech Majewski ( the most him well-known film this except “Soldiering”-  “Mill and cross” with Michael York and Rutger Hauer) and written by me in character “negr writer” this happens prostitute which looks for by whole one’s life of love, it does not find but her. They use all her. It to realization of film never came; I suspect, that with social regards.
There is already no such StMary’s, she became after little in such text how this. As this pleases you OK, I will continue and as not this such was StMary’s. Nobody and nothing of this will alter.

Lech Majewski
Zbigniew A. Wieczorek
alex linga

MARIACKA 5 – StMary`s


Leaning on facts history. It rolls on StMary’s street  in Katowice City in shadow of massive belfry of church growed over district of red street lamps.

Alojz`s FLAT  in the morning Post street

HELA, meringues of front ones, yet young doll.  Age 35 years. Large, wide. Black hairs, but from comb divorce.  , Round, red, face similar nose, it testifies about this, it that was one should to fan of club Bachusa. It gets dressed even how hot is “on onion”. It carries muffin – cap often. Flat near StMary’s they are not warmed up yet eternally. It does not use to nose handkerchief, nor condoms. StMary’s and neighbourhoods then her world. She never left from Katowice City. Hela will go from every for money, but his honour has. One want to win in Super Flight-feather or in quiz “Millionaires ‘ and she does not want to die as doll, it wants to fall in love and to put normal family. But this puts aside on tomorrow still.
Hela kneels in the middle drowning in dusk room.
Be hearing ruckle ALOJZ, large man, thickset years near 50. His abundant hair – particularly visible on large, red hands, always looking chest curiously world from unbuttoned flannel shirt as well as neck – it is on this proof, that we went down once from tree surely. And thanks such men as we can come back he taking rye for muzzle always there.
Hela finishes him to do “french love”. It applies oneself to matter. It knows, that without her this concert has not sense.

Go away woman! Because you will suck out me brain!

Well you Alojz, I made you well?
You want once again?

Just well, well, but the best then it was me with goat in the country once.

It croaks buttoning up trousers. Helę pushes away violently. This with groan rains on floor. Paralysing clearness in flat was done.  This TRUDA, long doll, energetic how spring, artificial blonde, in leather skirt, unlocked window. Recently toll it when Truda was at Communion.  It does not wash oneself windows only anyway here it sets new. Times.
Truda looks on yard, it breathes with full breast, very full.
In order to it was not oxygen for a lot of it lights cigarette. It comes back swinging after road on one’s high zloties (polish money) heels. How this with them will fall once can neck twist. But oneself she from such case did not insure.
In room oblique chair safeguards the door handle of entrance doors. Lock be dug. Dirty walls and senile wallpapers on them hang pieces nothing snow from eaves near coking plant Zabrze City.
Wooden table from cases after fruit “made a bed” newspapers.
On table of bottle the, jars, the ash-tray the, panties, of sock, shoe, open tinned food the “bull-calfs in tomat sauce”.
Couch – how at Matejko painter under Grunwaldem camps field (1410 year). They lie fat the and sweaty Customer  No. 1, thin and shivering Customer of No. 2, doll Krista, summers 20, pale the and ore everywhere. Such are passionate and they never know moderation. And Krista does just this probably that they sleep,.

(to Customer No. 1)
These, push!

The crew of shebeen wakes up to next orgy. Customer No. 1 looks for put on bricks couch. It looks for there the capital of Latvia clearly. Customer No. 2 lies down on Kriście. This further sleeps.

( it hits to chamber)
It loves, it likes, it respects, it does not want…
( it hiccups)
…it does not take care, it ruins.

On walls the diploms of constabular school, honourable badge “For contribution for ORMO” (police communist), the picture of young the Alojz in the uniform colleagues’ team. The multicoloured flags in background of photo blow.

I lightened me, can now from new.

Greenland whales jabola from gwinta.

( it roars)
Our is nooc and we except her have not anything!

( it tears out him bottle)
Leave a bit!

It just Hela, was one should this chimney you  clining now.
One more is here purchaser, our small chimney-sweeper.

Chair puts away – door handle and it goes out.

( it sings how rounds)
Yet after drop, yet after drop!

The customer No. 2 matches to sitting on floor of Hela.

Go, I do not like you, anyway what with me for drop.

( they went mad)
And which scandalise I this from this beggar?! Him continuous!
Bitch your mother!

I kick in face Hela. This rains with groan. Farmer comes back from little dog Tarzan under arm. Tarzan – small, squealing, shivering dog, from red ribbon near neck.

(nice speak)
Just Hela, I have for you fiance here. Tarzan
to virgin is yet. We will put him small soon
and me boy also make love.

Not! I with dog will not be! I am not bitch!

It covers oneself with hand and sphere in embryonic position.

( they went mad)
Pull off dolly panties, yet mum week
kindness for animals!

It places on floor dog and shake oneself from Hela. This weapon oneself with all strengths. Whining Tarzan tries to penetrate under couch. Shivering bum stands him from cut off stalk.

You were bitch and you will be bitch. From today until to end
world! Where do this tyke?

It is successful to get up helia and to kick in stomach Alojza. This, though red ORMO was – wcem, it receives high fever.  Hela knocks out how Tyson Gołota (polish boxer). Doll with groan rains. Silence.

( To be more far Draught maybe it will happen)

The painting the StMary’s Street – the Queen of night and the green pony ( the author Zbigniew the Party, Zewpress)

The painting the StMary’s Street – the Queen of night and the green pony ( the author Zbigniew the Party, Zewpress)


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