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Chicago how wind

September 8, 2012


Chicago how wind
I was in Portage of Park the grey squirrel
I assembled instead of nuts impression
Then black teenager who will pretend they crack
Muffled from hamburgers and desire
Yet Aleksander, this drunken from pit,
He wanted to strangle me tomato
I chucked out from fusion in Ernesta’s beard H.
Until heart of his bell cracked
I in this silence heard the waves the Lake of Michigan
What it is how half Baltic
Only shells in him lack
Woman – sitter Andzia said me, that I am stupid
And last drink hit from plastic bottle of bourbon
I collected to suitcase on circles for 34 dollars
Bought on horn Belmont and Central
Not wash clean soldier’s, remembrance panties from general Anders
Dispersed illusions and I came back
God bless America
The God the bless of Lift of City
Autumn 2005 r.
Katowice – Chicago
P.S. I in Windy City was in 2005 r. (with opportunities my 50 birthdays). Here steam fotek which made and I transformed a bit in painting now. This poem comes from from my book “America is for bull”.

  1. Are these your creations?? They are fantastic!

    • @ momentumofjoy
      yes, this my pictures and computer programme. I wanted to these pictures looked how painting painter’s
      Thanks, I greet

  2. Thanks for liking my post and stopping by my blog . Good day !

  3. Yes, good art my hometown.

    • Thanks, I visit Chicago only 2 weeks
      Amazing town
      I live on the Upper Silesia, Poland
      Good luck

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