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My gypsy woman – Sophia

September 10, 2012

 Grandfather on beginning was John. When she finished And First world war was has slowed down him from russians army. He came to corporal even – reason was simple: he knew to read and to write. He did not come back however to family Miechow (near Cracow), he began travel after Europe. He on Balkans met beautiful, young Gipsy – woman somewhere there.
So he fell in love obviously – he for Gypsy poeple was however strange. They did not give him her. And her bag could on head cast yet and kidnap. Or he had not suitable ethnic knowledge, or courage. They go on shortcuts already very and I waited for my gypsy woman – Sophie. To to sing song under this title my Lila wife she entered to musical team under name just “Silesian Bunch” – Ślonsko Ferajna.
How oneself to look at this something so well it has in me from gypsy woman, though she has in city of Lodz roots and a bit on Ukraine. And so on end the piece of private – ” The Silesian the Bunch” performance of 15 September, hour 16.00 has in Katowicach –  Muchowiec. With wife my in composition. Their little movie is on You Tube also, yet without Lily.
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Band from Katowice City in during test.


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