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Holy Barbra`s back to mine

September 11, 2012

9 September open on terrain of former mine “Michael” – Michał – the Park of Tradition. The mass of holiday began ceremony concelebration in church pw. Archangel’s Michael. It entertains greeted President Siemianowic Jacek Guzy in Silesian dress. After mass her participants marched to Park of Tradition.
Miners’, patroness Holy Barbra’s painting on czele was carried. On time of reconstruction the painting was transferred to temple in Michałkowice – he was subjected the renovation also. The local community after devotion of Park of Tradition was invited to sightseeing. Joseph’s Skrzek music accompanied on quickly inauguration.
She was curiosity this, that they executed the solemn slit of band not treat the representatives of powers children’s peer in Silesian dresses. The park of Tradition is in region of tests one of first the adopting to needs of present civilization of former industrial objects. Let’s let’s from different exchange it can mine “Queen Luiza” in Zabrzu, Gallery Shaft Wilson in Katowicach – Janowie { former mine “Wieczorek”). At present also on terrain former mine lasts “Katowice” the building of Silesian Museum.
It the building of mine was begun was in 1881 r., but her exploitation really in 1883 r. Mine belonged to Rheinbaben initially and in zu 1892 r. was repurchased by Hugona’s duke Hohenlohe – Oehringen.
Mine had 5 shafts: “Western” (mining),  in this “Krystyn”, which it is the main attraction of Park of Tradition at present.
After explosion II world war institution przejeli Germanys. Fights on terrain of mine lasted between squads Freikorps and Polish army and boy scouts. It pretended to be to reflect mine Poles, but not on long. It 8 September 1939 r. was executed 6 Poles.
In summers 90 – these XX in. The mine was done away with regard on bad technical state of objects and the devices as well as the ending supplies of carbon.
The creation of Park of Tradition cost 16 million zl. We can look at old winding machine there. Virtual miner is guide. It the Silesian inn in underground was situated was the “Barborka” – the speciality of institution this ” the Car miner man”.

Weekly “Zycie Siemianowic”


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