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Talk from last pear

September 15, 2012


Conversation from last pear
We should talk from someone. Men have not time, or readiness. Animals really they will give on Eve voice, so… So pear became me. This ostatnia which hangs on tree.
–    Hey pear! How there on mountain?
To Lady Better is – than on lots, and so at all how already then Pear.
–    Going this tracks of reasoning this how already then the Lord the Editor. Just so when you fall? Your sisters – and it was them 40 – they hit in grass long ago…
–    Never your, I am to hang here until to end of world.
–    That is not long, because this goes out 21 December 2012…
–    And which is this December?
–    And such this from pear my was talking. It hangs yet, but and so I in end her will to gobble up, because it is tasty and sweet.  This however I did not say her. She would abuse each other me from vegetable cannibal then.  Because they on me with time call “beetroot”.Image


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