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The Dreams  recorder – why not?

September 25, 2012

 I remember with childhood my dream – great black horse charges on me by full flowers meadow. Very oneself I feared then, and this was half age this. Dream us place in which we never were, nation, which it has not already, then which was and this which will be.
Dreams are for artists inspiration… I wonder why nobody invented to dreams recorder. Band on head, steam electrodes and to record on pen all – drive. Scholars, to combat! Since this bio – current this will give yet oneself to strenghten this somehow. He near 7 billions men would be certain sale.
What oneself then cannon – wives would spy husbands, corporations different corporations in matter their strategy of sale, one artists would steal with dreams ideas different. Horror! Maybe it however was not it been proper?

P.S. I ask, describe me your interesting and amazing dreams.


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