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How father slammed me in bottom

October 8, 2012

ImageHow father slammed me in bottom
Today, I 8 October finish 57 years. Were they in from this exit from mother’s womb sure problems. So I about this wrote in book. “Grey tenement”:

“I: How oneself my parents got to know. Mum went with Brisk street, parallel to Pharmaceutical and Richard met. She earlier knew him with sight. He went exactly on some wedding. Event was cheerless and father her he lived up. Vodka appeared soon, cucumbers and Rysiek imported accordionist. Maybe the Mista, one of husbands of Janki’s grandmother. What how events held on what, but Parties always, work stood how he would to less.
MOTHER: In such here he be bore the scenery of Grey Tenement my Son Zbigniew (8 October 1955 r.). Midwife took back him Wanda Mol.  For me this was revelation personally. I without pause him watched, he had all beautiful. Nails such how paint…
I: Humph and I beat with nail my mother in eye so, that on several months I to hospital in Zabrzu hit. I had year probably then half. Beautiful it can be dangerous.
…Father his, Richard be pleased also…
I: He near childbirth contributed after once accompaniments to my appearing supposedly. I clogged with different puerperal matters and I could not voice take out. Papa Rysiek took me for leg he hit in red dupsko. I shrieked out after once first then.
MOTHER: My father the John who wanted to have son also whole life be pleased with grandson. What from this – older man was already and he had not health. We moved out with my husband and soon. This is beside Basic School of No. 2. Building this near at hand it is modernized at present.
I: Father, merry was entertain. “Textile – worker”‘s footballer, trader on church fetes, he sat for pig’s theft even, or else bicycle on Radocha Prison. He went away us when dust 3 years. Grandfather Wawszczyk passed this heavily. Raw man in black waistcoat ( I have her after him). I remember how it shouts on me and it aims in flat near Porebska street. And this can me it dreamt.”
All oneself this cannon in Zawiercie city (Poland). There is already no grey tenement. Businessman from Switzerland put on her place wash car. Wash instead of cradle, just, sign time.


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  1. I nominated your blog for the new Reality Blog Award! Congratulations! This is a “no rules Award” and you can find the details here at Decide what you would like to do based on time and other considerations as there are no rules.

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