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Postcard from Polish Wild West

October 12, 2012

Polish Wild West… Today morning before shop in Ustrzyki Gorne – Bieszczady mountains – young boom artist “zakapior” (beard and tune cowboy – orthodox) beer consumes before shop.
–    You, I know you.
It from word to word turns out, that I drank in him in half of May of last year yet. Because just here dust three-days’ whim and I finished here to drink 16 May 2011 in city Cisna (pub “Siekierezada”).
Zakapior has nickname Camomile, it is singing poet obviously. We talk about common familiar. My honour, it does not want 5 zlotych. Maybe therefore, that which finds out take part in abstainers’ autumn rally. On it farewell it passes left hand, not right.
One pierced with trick to him in premises about name the “Czatownia” yesterday such tzw. the tulip, that is the bottom of bottle the plus the sharp glass. Bieszczady, every angel has also sometimes tail here as well as hoof.
Yesterday Caryńska Mountain pasture, and today Halicz. Evening singings. Keeping so!


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