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To sing, poetry and I

November 4, 2012
  • I 40 years wrote first poem ago. The cannon oneself this on lesson of biology in secondary school (Zawiercie City). It was about cobweb, nice sounds, rain and love. Dedicated him sure Lidia in which not only I loved. Since not is oneself beautiful, nor rich then poetry she made up prepare return on me attention.
    Different You came now Tube… Poetry this also sure disease, have from someone to divide with thought, vision, which it seats with to you skull. Especially about 4 – this over morning. I on studios in Katowice City recited in frames of poetical group the “Krosno” the put by Olka Bielendę. I near these recitations visited sober seldom and I wanted to fight from the public.
    By summer growing the journalism (one of the oldest contests of world) the poetry was for for me breath, escape from experience of word and the thought in which nor I would miss he if would fell to end not the poems.
    I on breakthrough of ages tasted my strengths in tournaments one poem. One of them be held in Rafał’s Wojaczek  house, which make, poet the suicide in lid of summers 26. Now in his the house the greyish celebryits with institute his name feed on his name. Then Rafał which every pedestals if would had in four letters he saw he would disperse them on 4 winds.
  • David Podsiadlo, winner of polish version X-Factor 2012
    I got torrential bravos delivered with passion poem “Unemployed” for. He began so: “In order to beaten in in wall. Upper one be impressed. Rumpled life how cloth…” Bravos were, but prize no. I from this time took matter in my hands. I gave one poetry book – “A bit ill poems” and I got from minister congratulations even – Danuta’s Hibner ( the part of works be translated on languages); second poetry book was then “Wojaczek 50 – summer”… I gave in him question or angry poet would be before further in corect age, or else this disease crosses?
    In year 2002 first tournament of poetry took place sung “About Zloty Autumn Leaf” in Silesian organized guided on my birthdays Siemianowice City – and here great thanks Margareth Groniewska which supported positive madmen always. In this year tenth, jubilee edition is him. I invite on Thursday, 8 November about hour 18 to beautiful Villa Fitzner in Town Siemion. All summers by these were rewrap by him tens participants. Very curious Tigris was discovery ( Gregor has on name really). Low, shaggy, from broken nose. He was without work, not always mial where to live. “Letter to M” sang on old katowickim railway station Richard Riedel. It  I like it me and I invited him on my poetical birthdays. Two years tournament won David Podsiadło from Dąbrowa Górnicza City, which later became the winner of Polish version X Factor. The pupils of Bogusia Kliś from beginning in event take the part  from Youth House of Culture…
    Will oneself cannon, I invite to beautiful villa in this Silesian city, and as you will not approach this I will twist something on You Tube there. Signum temporis…
  • Villa Fitzner, Siemianowice City, Poland (inside). Foto Zew

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