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Love in forest

November 7, 2012

Unanswered in thirst

The the newest model of jeep took under me the belts of highway nothing the girl’s cowboys on hay. Azure from sky seemed to to flow down after drop drop accumulated there. Growed pale nothing from Polish flax sheet (pause on advertisement – sky “If to go from bags this from Polish flax only!”) it unbuttoned its leaky tent over whole God’s world.
He reigned over movements of lively steering – wheel with one hand, second however she rested on her gentle woolly head. Whole burning-hot she trembled under him with electrifying touch. Her faithful, outright animal glance told about she unlimited confidence what him granted. They understood without words.
Aim was more and more nearer. He went down from highway and vehicle jumped up on field pot – hole. Forest was more and more nearer – he surrounded them his untainted breath. Compress on their burning-hot with merciless torrid heat heads applied with scent of fleece, trees’, shadow birds’ singing.  Jeep more and more more jumped up on pot – hole. He hugged her so more strongly, more strongly and more strongly. Having folded she gave on his biggest  of breast the head the low, inarticulate sound.
Meanwhile the worm of greedy desire rolled his heart and immediate possession. Already in moment, already… Meanwhile in engine something sneezed, car zgasło, it traveled no voice yet a bit and it stood up. Forest, majestic round them stood and a bit sneering. First got out he. Car walked round, he took her on hand and he put on grass of glade. She looked in his eyes anticipatingly. And he disappointed her saying cold:
– Fall here, larger ass can you it will grow !
Sheep, because she was this passenger,  obedient it prefers him she began greedily pinching grass. He unlocked mask and he began repairing engine. He had to hurry, because they closed already State Slaughter-house Number 5 in hour.
(I, “Student Store-house Reporters”, Katowice City, 1975 year)
The P. the S. 9 November – World Day of Preliminary Amorous Game. Do not disappoint your Partner, begin preparing already today!


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