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I am buspassanger

November 9, 2012

I from beginning of week am the buspassanger. I move after my cities with buses of municipal transport mainly. Meanwhile folded with mechanics consultation as well as my little Fiat debates different the prominent experts of trade vehicles before exchange on subject. It to today was not it is knowed or I have to wash this car which be straddled, or else to buy next.
As, that I live on complete the middle of nowhere, called also calm village, picturesque and merry it without car is heavily. For then buses have many values. This Ikarus do not are roar already blazing hundred on hundred in which wind fly in through different holes. I go in which place Solaris bus mainly I have sitting, opportunity is to read, under ceiling television sets display different advertisements and even me, because contained monitoring in vehicle is.
In pore morning full bus is young girls, repainted and painting on faces how on casting to ” I Have talent”. Every has big tactile personal phone and it listens music, or loam gossips she drank from her this nice in last weekend and he took her boyfriend from back  from front fucking. I am surprised, that also shapely mouths will not chap girls from pronunciation morning these different mathematical fomulas, because some however oneself they teach.
And for what does them these phrases how the success in life depend from flash in eye, the silikon in boots and the acquaintance of multiplication table to hundred?! Just signature can on cheque yet it is time necessary. I in bus be able to yet pierce to sitting place, I will read a little so book – I on what had time in WC recently, so I will have a look on sides views, because going as driver by these I look all summers mainly straight on how this horse from flip-flops.
My wife goes with bus also. She got to know thanks what woman who played on wedding wife’s dad. And it was then summers this ho, ho. Buses bring nearer men and new horizons unlock.
I am buspassanger almost week and different whole life.


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