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Change in Polish policy

November 18, 2012


Janusz Piechociński went out with the Great Valdemar’s shadow at last and he hugged in Polish the People’s Party the rudders ( the shortcut of PSL) – incessant entering in composition of government party of every and to all. Forefront of this party triumphs: “But we have democracy! This no kids, in order to someone else in Platform won as not Tusk, and in Almost and Justice Kaczyński.”
The new president of PSL with proper me with charm affirmed, that “But not, God forbid, let Valdemar does not give up with vice-premier, that if would not he, that his contribution…” How will car arrive with two drivers far? To the closest turning and multiple crash will is then. Independently from this, or turning will be in right, or else in trick.
Critic of Pawlak1s grew from former upper down. Piechociński is from higher shelf politician, and or there is charisma and strength in elbows as well as pressure on glass this will turn out. It seemed once, that then Jarosław Kalinowski will be No. 1 at PSL but this however not this. Pawlak`s invented Lech Walesa as president yet. He wanted in government, in addition new face in associated with previous regime  party. So boy to steering. Not so easily however put from clutch engineer. The wind 20 years had in sails, and and it will not get lost now, because np. will land on president of Bank of Food Economy surely, or something like this for a lot of larger cash desk.
To be the criticism of party pits results from here maybe, that empire PSL more and more more widened. It entered on coal industry, which is for menagement greedy bite. To be Janusz’s president maybe these carried out also which they did not catch on synekury…
Janusz Piechociński has 52 years and is about younger year from Waldiego, which ” it does not fear already”. He be bore in Studzianki village? It will be so aggressively. ” Electoral Newspaper” (Gazeta Wyborcza) wrote about him, that this is ” the farmer who does not sow and it does not plough”. But it assembles crops, because how Leszek were said premieres Miller ” the most important the gentlemen’s end of work is”.
P. S. Only or Piechociński knows to put out fires? Because as not then Valdemar’s praetorians from Voluntary Fire Guard him will carry out on ladders quickly.


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