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Harbour Rotterdam

December 7, 2012

Harbour Rotterdam
The harbour in Rotterdamie, may second in the world under in relation to quantity of trans-shipments after New York. Conflict called out at me subject two ships on his foreground in which also Polish sailors suffered.
Breath of this harbour of senses already by whole Germanys, when you flow in river the TIR – that banging from east just there. Every from baggage of containers. This wanders in more far world then.
Because I had steam moments once and I superfluous 8 euro entered on layer excursion little ship once “Abel Tasman” and saw from close this wonder. On layer mainly Japanese. Here fota – report from this my trip.
This such surrogate of trip which promised to do to America with ship me. One of Polish navigational lines offered her time such trip – ship sailed out from Rotterdam just. He flowed 14 days and it in one day was paid 50 dollars. Unfortunately, he landed in Canada. It one should then additional visa. I had to absolve, I in end flew with airplane. It was wished, that m / s “Batory” went on razor-blade.
TF2-A0A3Go ahead! TF2-A0A3 View on the Radio Holland Deep and deep Conteners ship TF2-A0A3 Japanes Author on the board Old ship

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