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Horrendous results of breakdown of boiler

December 23, 2012

Horrendous results of breakdown of boiler

It on Friday seemed yet, that we caught on this our village near Bedzin Town of God’s Lord for leg. They brought us two tones of carbon! And so away stern winter and greet warm holidays! It was well until on Saturday. We made a fire as terribly. 80 degrees on boiler of central heating. It and what it will be! At last warm. Only, that boiler of this did not hold out. So called cracked water overcoat and 12 – summer boiler is suitable on skip. It with exchange goes out 2500 zloties (500 euro). Expert estimated so, it which was successful to pull down. Obviously on heap then we have not so many, and at all this last heap how grandfather covered up cesspool. What will brigade take on work day before Eve also? As long as we started what in our little house antique tile stove on ground floor.

Plus tzw. will heat as additional element horseshoe pit quite well. And what however from storey? Frosts from east go. Tile stove started in girls (wife plus sister-in-law) remembrance how then me cakes from cake on pasta baked and straws kindled – that this supposedly little cigarets. Every breakdown has one’s different circumstances. Maybe then holiday however they will be merry and healthy, and not sad and ill? Good luck for all.


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