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Feline cradle

December 28, 2012

Mice should be careful, especially these in my cellar.  In draught last week cat our Behemot caught them three.  Exactly this two and half, because bites off head from one brought only. I sympathize mice average, because thing this can and pleasant, but how they will introduce to rooms because they rustle and they bite whole night. To sleep one could not.
Just so, only, that how kitten Behemotek brought about 4 today he – began this morning next mouse from cellar this so brawling on staircase what dog he woke up. And kitten bends already near this sluggish mouse, it does feline cradle, it lures to party, and this nothing.
It sleeps with eternal dream. Meanwhile dog to us to bed comes, make “how how” and it nudges with nose, because he would like also to include to this party. Mouse went to skip, cat with return to cellar and then really dog fell asleep. We also, so, that us dustmans really they waked up, because container was not on display.
happy New Year.







  1. W niedoli to pies kota ogoli !
    A z myszki można obszyć dziurkę w futerku.
    Pozdro.hak72 na 2013r.

  2. Też pozdrawiam, proszę hk futro naturalne to narażamy się ekologom
    Do Siego

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