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Monkeys’ planet

May 17, 2013

Visit in ZOO Chorzow – Town, a bit profesional, but seeing in cages ancestors also I was on time. Even maka photo in special tableau … Ancestors? Just you know Darwina yet, and before ape – house educational board and it informs wisely, that:
“Homo sapiens this anthropoidal monkeys which leads the exclusively sground mode of life’s only species and foot bornly moves. Language has a lot of better developed than remaining chief. The trophies of technique made possible him on global scale the transport. Adult exemplaire link with me contact by touch seldom, more often in this aim using speech”.
Beautiful, to add nothing, to capture nothing. We remember about this how seldom, that as long as what we are on top of evolutionary ladder but to time, to time. I wrote my time Desmond Morris about species homo sapiens book pt. Naked monkey.
Let’s let’s remember so where from our house.

ja-goryl ok


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