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Gospel according to Alexander (part one)

June 26, 2013



My conversations with Jesus in Katowice City part one my new book

The the given birth with dream book and hunting down heart of my soul


When dust five years Joseph’s grandmother pulled me for handle everywhere. And she told in whole world. About grandfather what was on war from Ruthenian, about this how she after knee in cold water drew out stones under countess’ lock what Strong August’s king she loved and he her not, about good God and soon his Jesus.

Jesus hung in hall of church in Zawiercie Town. She was this great weakly – wax figure his on cross. Very tirde paid back in side tortured to death face.

Grandmother and why did they hang this mister?

Not and Jesus Christ’s mister, King our. He died for sins our.

And for this, that my papa went me and it does not want to be with me and with mummy?

Grandmother did not answer. Face knelt setting in hand.

Grandmother and why do this mister cryings?

After face pendant for sins our Jezusa tear rolled, first transparent and then bloody. I remember this how today.


I have on name Alexander. It had to be differently, but father turned perversity something because instead of he to office went to drink. I met already alive Jezus la not he was this what figure on cross summer of year 1978. this it Was in Park Kościuszki (Katowice City). I happened him many times then yet. We spoke sporo. He disappeared then. I do not know what he chose me. I am sinful, weak and unworthy.


We lay with Asią under pine. Our student souls flew under these blue small clouds. We had after so many faults quite good phaze. By the soldiers of Soviet Army slept eternal, Leninist dream.

Let’s – Justlet’s drink you for seargent Marusia – I said to Asi passing her bottle Egri Bikaver vine. By moment it then well me fared.

For what Marusia?

Just this from Blackbird’s Janka, it lies surely here.

Someone barred us the sun. Guy from beard near thirty be dressed in flannel shirt. Bicycle led folded mark Wigry. He came from side Bird’s it Settles. This where high-ranking officials live. He stood over us and he did not tell anything initially. He smiled, and he had eyes such laser. Nor blue, nor beer.

GuyAbout what walks? I – asked trying to to come into being at last.

Star, red. Such how then over Bethlehem – he smiled to his remembrances. The Sowiet looks on star from pedestal of monument.

Tourist from Israel? I – asked.

It isPits, which it is – he answered with odd strength.

I will Go already, the mum likes how I on week am once however in house – the Asia about black deep eyes surrounded how the well of enchantment and she went away.

I Became with newcomer alone.

More far draught will happen


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