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Furious attack of Dzeus

July 9, 2013


The water bicycle on Pogoria lake, the substitute of cruise around world. Together from Lila. But we entered in corner of lake under beak alone Dzeus. Because this exchanged in swan yet, to to mount Leda.
It did not fit this, that we influenced in his district, this in which it grows six (!) small grey ducklings. On addition so Andersen oneself it in grave turns over. Swan attacked us with hiss, starting after water several times and rolling round us circles.
I alone I kept how resentful in ambition male; I accelerated for apology pedalling and I wanted white bird to hit with beach slipper. Really wife held back me, slowly, calmly. No violent movements, when carried with current we lowered his zone he absolved.
It maybe and it was one should was in life so, bad emotions bore me on wrong ways already many a time and they brought to unnecessary conflicts? In order to only me.


Photo Andrew Onuszkiewicz


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  1. He looks very intimidating. 🙂

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