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So, walk paint my world

July 15, 2013

The words of song tell, but why you depict Dear Bloger this world finger and not brush? Because I am already such cold bastard. The Nikiszowiec on antique central place settles yesterday (Katowice town obviously) the Aart – Jarmark, open markets of art. Because I do not like these which groan only, that I put out them with offences bad, of course I tried to create one even new.

Near use this technique just. It feels with finger better, so it is more economically, and I beyond this depicted (vide foto) demoniac woman’s picture from breasts. How do for breasts to get for apology near use brush here?

I did not sell painting no, but interest was. One young steam said me, that it depicts in Scandinavian style (alive colours), different family did me with me and my works picture .

I hugged to Group of Janow. How someone would not know about what walk this let Lech’s film will see Majewski “Angelus” ( clean youngman’s history). To next picture.


I and my fingers.


My pictures.


Group of Janow.


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