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Joy of sobering

August 5, 2013

Or this whole drinking ( it would be 34 years!) it went on free?! The vodka about name the Vistula from honey and the knocking out in dark gates the teeth, whore on StMary’s street the, receiving on bicycle the right of drive, escape to Athenss, the hangover in shebeen where do the couch on bricks? But where from!
How it would not be drinking the joy of sobering would not appear this. And it would not be me from my wife Lila on therapeutic camp in Rycerka near Żywca where it plays, it subjects therapy, it prays, it sings, it dances and “Dwójka” does egg 80 men with  Association of Sobering DWOJKA from Katowice Town. Around mountain and the wonders of nature.

Here steam fotek, which though it can a bit whole impry give back character.






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