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How was it in Former Bakery?

October 27, 2013


Three days of preparations of, transportation of works, the sie did at last. I got to proof, as artist flat bachelor on four level. All this after this, to to promote the sale of flats and to associate with art business.
Young men from City of Lodz come in really with such approach on Silesian market. The cannon oneself this on main street the Chorzowa, tzw. the Wolce ( the WOlnosci street), in powerful tenement from called with yard the Former Bakery – Dawna Piekarnia.
I in Chorzow spended netto 10 years in newspapers “Goniec Gornoslaski”. In vicinity pub Under Bell – Pod Dzwonem in which hit more than one dolly. But this was already, my older son lives here from family now. During event Art I – showed Off the offence of, picture, book, so wall newspaper pt. How press dies? I met familiar’s theses paru unseen from summers.
More such events, or how these the mega of party the sie call now.







Thats all


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