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el lun metro notr okno per zee tri


Doors to eternity

krzyze b

We die sale seldom, to what to understand anyone
We listen different sale seldom, to get to know me
We look in star sale seldom,  to go down from tree.

Let`s snowing!

snow 1

On in Poland disagreement snow

On water and fire snow

On war in the east snow

On Your beauty snow
On rusted snow pail
On coffee on bench snow
On interesting women snow
On drifted snow gays
And angels sprinkle from full of hole feather bed
And good God blesses this also

snow 2 snow 3 snow 4 snow 5 snow 6 snow 7 snow 8


White snow on all
On dirty thoughts
On litters in forest
On hot heads from Parliament

Good God pulled off
Until he poured us at last
All after evenly
Merry Christmas for everyone!

1 DSC04980 DSC04976 DSC04977 DSC04991 DSC04995 DSC04996 DSC05000

My red hat


My hat is red

My thinks is black

My love is hungry

Thats all


It is

Proto-Slavonic cemetery is in me
Heavy totem in all four faces
The Tatra Highlands foehn is in me
Though my wet with fear wings
The black of sale long night is in me
From wax smelted in key hole
And when I unlock sky my
I put my pyjama
In confident mice armed
Then really good I unlock tomorrow
Full poets, angels and devil
It is this so many, that it on eternity is enough
Midnight, from 24 on 25 November 2014 AD

cien c

Summer does not want to die

This year summer did not want to die
And sky lit in glow still
Bear from behind horizon purred
Well, that he had not wings

In lungs of oxygen for little
This, what Martians wanted us to stoat
I looked for another of place where there is no me
Because the supposedly there best

All poured in one at last
The mouse’s Salto, labyrinth of tracks in darkness
Black dog’s head, Christmas tree TIR – that

pozio 2